Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro

Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro 0

The ascent up Kilimanjaro is in no way easy you will need to be physically fit and be properly equipped. The high elevation, low temperatures and weather (wind, snow, and ice) make the trek difficult and potentially dangerous. Most of the routes will take around 7 days to hike and may require extra days to(…)

6 Reasons To Travel to India

6 Reasons To Travel to India 0

I travelled around the country of colour for 3 months so I like to think I have a good feel of what is hot and what is not, however I still haven’t even scratched the surface of what India has to offer. After all, it is a beautifully massive country, currently with a population of(…)

Sao Paulo – The Paris of the South

Sao Paulo – The Paris of the South 0

Sao Paulo is known by its sobriquet – Paris of the South. This is because even though the city is the economic centre of Brazil, it still retains a characteristic bonhomie that is absent from many other metropolitan cities in the world. No matter how busy a Paulistano is, there is always time for friendly(…)

Singapore Attractions

Singapore Attractions 0

Singapore is a small island country located in South Eastern Asia. Although the density population in this city state is on the higher state, its lush greenery, parks and natural reserves make it a very popular holiday destination. The city is an amalgam of the India, Malay and Chinese culture and provides soul food for(…)

Touring Sicily, Italy

Touring Sicily, Italy 0

  Going on a Sicilian holiday is one of the ultimate “get away from it all” kinds of holidays. And the good news is it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to enjoy this fantastic Italian island in the Mediterranean. For those planning to rent holiday villas, Sicily offers a wide range(…)

Tungurahua, Vulcano, Timelapse, Ecuador/ 1080p HD

Tungurahua, Vulcano, Timelapse, Ecuador/ 1080p HD 0

Tungurahua Vulcano Timelapse.Canon Rebel t2i

Malecon 2000/ Guayaquil/ Ecuador/ 12.2011/ HD

Malecon 2000/ Guayaquil/ Ecuador/ 12.2011/ HD 0

Some Scenes from the Malecon 2000 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.Please Vote or leave a comment. Thank You

Montanita, Ecuador /12.2012/ HD

Montanita, Ecuador /12.2012/ HD 0

Some scenes from Montanita in Ecuador.A surferparadise with a lot of partys at night.

Huaraz, Peru/ Timelapse/ 01.2012

Huaraz, Peru/ Timelapse/ 01.2012 0

Timelapse Canon Rebel t2i

Huaraz, Peru/ 01.2012/ HD

Huaraz, Peru/ 01.2012/ HD 0

Some scenes from Huaraz in Peru.Canon Rebel t2i